ABCDE :  Responding to thoughts

Notice what your mind is saying

You don't have to believe everything you think !

Question your thoughts.   Consider a different perspective What's the evidence for the thought?  Is this thought fact or opinion?  What's the bigger picture - the helicopter view?  What's another way of looking at this?  What would someone else say about this?

Let the unhelpful thoughts go.

EXPLORE options.

Choose the best response.  What shall I do now?   Do it mindfully. 

THINK: Thought Challenging - short video





Thought Challenging

Court Case thought challenge (webpage)

About Automatic Thoughts

Different Perspectives (inc. Mental Crusher & Wise Mind)

Fact or Opinion?

Flexible Thinking

The Helicopter View

Wise Mind

Other Self Help Resources

Learn effective skills online - The Decider Skills for Self Help online course

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Thought Record Sheet:  6 column 

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Thought Record Sheet Anorexia

Thought Record Sheet Anxiety

Thought Record Sheet Body Dysmorphia

Thought Record Sheet Critical Voice

Thought Record Sheet Depression

Thought Record Sheet Health Anxiety

Thought Record Sheet OCD

Thought Record Sheet Panic

Thought Record Sheet: Pictorial

Thought Record Sheet:  PTSD

Thought Record Sheet Self Esteem

Thought Record Sheet Self-Compassion

Thought Record Sheet:  SEPTB

Thought Record Sheet:  Social Anxiety

Thought Record Sheet:  STOPP

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Thought Record Sheet:  Worry (GAD)

Thought Record Sheet:  Worry (GAD) 2 - Beliefs about Worry