Putting the thought in the dock

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When dealing with distressing thoughts, it is helpful to look for the facts or evidence for and against the thought.  What is fact and what is opinion? 


Identify the distressing thought

What is the main thing that is really upsetting me?  What is the worst that I think could happen?  What does that say about me or the situation? 

Now let's put that thought in the dock.

The Accused

What is the thought or belief that is on trial?




The Defence

What evidence is there that this thought is true?  What is it that tells you this thought is true?  Consider only evidence that would stand up in a court of law!  Stick with Fact, not opinion.





The Prosecution

What evidence is there or what tells you that this thought is NOT true, 100% of the time?   What would other witnesses say when asked to give evidence against this thought or statement? 





The Summing Up

Find a closing statement that is based on the evidence, that is realistic, rational and balanced.  



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The Judge PDF sheet

The Court Case PDF sheet

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