The Helicopter View

Learning to see things differently 'The Helicopter View'

Sometimes it's useful to use a metaphor to help us consider the bigger picture. When something is distressing us, we're so close to it, emotionally  involved with it, part of it - that makes it really hard to stand back from what's happening. 

It's like the well-known saying "We can't see the wood for the trees", or like 'Google Earth' - we see the close up view but we can't see anything else. 

We can zoom out our view and see the bigger picture.  We could call this the Helicopter View. 

As the helicopter takes off, getting higher and higher, it sees a bigger and bigger picture, and is less involved with the detail at ground level. 

So as we pull back from an emotional situation, we can start to see things much more clearly and rationally.



The Helicopter Worksheet (PDF)

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