Mindfulness for busy people

Notice, right now, your focus of attention

Observe and say to yourself (and notice) whatever you are doing, e.g.

  • I am breathing
  • I am sitting
  • I am looking
  • I am listening
  • I am walking

Wise Mind Where shall I focus my attention now? 

NOW:  Mindfulness for Busy People - video



Choose an activity to do mindfully throughout the day, for one, two or five minutes. For example: Drink a cup of tea. Walk. Wash the dishes. Shower with your eyes closed. Brush your teeth with the other hand.

Whatever you are doing, be in that moment, right now. See, hear, smell, touch, feel, breathe.

Simply notice whenever other thoughts and sensations come to mind, then re-focus on your chosen mindful activity.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself.

Describe rather than judge good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant.

It is as it is.

Everything Flows. Nothing is fixed.   Heraclitus

We spend so much time inside our heads, thinking about what we've done, or have yet to do, worrying about things we don't need to worry about.  We need to get outside of our heads!  We can use our senses, just say to ourselves:

5 things I can see

4 things I can hear

3 things I can feel or touch

2 things I can smell or like the smell of

1 slow deep breath

brings our focus of attention into right now


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