Positive Steps to Wellbeing
Take these positive steps to improve your mental health and personal wellbeing

SSee the bigger picture

Exercise regularly

Enjoy: Plan fun and creativity

Kind:  Be kind to yourself

Look after your body

Interact:  Connect with others

Find Meaning

Take Notice

See the Bigger Picture

We all see situations differently from our own point of view and give different meanings.  Broaden out your perspective and consider the bigger picture -- The Helicopter View.

  • What meaning am I giving this situation?
  • Is this fact or opinion?
  • How would others see this situation?
  • What is another way of looking at this?
  • How important is it, right now - or how important will it be in 6 months time?
  • What can I do right now that will help most?


Exercise Regularly

Being active lifts our mood, reduces stress and anxiety, improves our physical health, and gives us more energy.

Get outside, preferably in a green space or near water.

Find an activity you enjoy doing, and just do it.

Enjoy:  Plan Fun and Creativity

Having fun or being creative helps us feel better and increases confidence.

Enjoy yourself!

Kind:  Be Kind to Yourself

Encourage rather than criticise yourself.  Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend in the same situation.

Look after your Body

Eat healthily and regularly.  Start the day with breakfast.

Get into a healthy sleep routine.


Take care of any medication conditions and take any medication as prescribed.

Interact:  Connect with Others

Stay or get back in touch with family or friends.

Make time to be with others regularly.

Attend an evening class or join a support group.

Get involved with a community project, charity work, or simply help out someone you know.  As well as benefiting others, you'll be doing something worthwhile which will help you feel better about yourself.

Find Meaning

Humas need to feel needed and purposeful.  Lacking meaning results in dissatisfaction in life, anxiety and low mood, and we might seek some purpose in unhealthy ways.

Finding your meaning and purpose results in living a much more fulfilled life.

To help you find YOUR meaning and purpose, ask yourself:

  • What am I passionate about and skilled at?
  • What is REALLY important to me?
  • What do I want to be remembered for?
  • What will be my legacy?

Every day, aim to do something that fits with your life purpose.

Take Notice:  Observe

We spend so much time inside our own heads, stressing about how much we have to do, worrying about future events which will probably never happen, or rumination over past events we wish we'd done differently.  We end up feeling stressed, anxious and depressed. 

It is good to be able to notice our focus, and choose to move our spotlight of atention outside our heads.  NOW!

The envionment around you:  see, hear, smell, feel.

Our breath:  throughout your busy day, make time to just Breathe now and again.

Every evening, notice the positives about your day.


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